Experience a feeling of sinking into a soft, snug cotton swab as you float in your dream world. With its 3-layered structure, Firmtec mattress is the epitome of soft comfort and perfect back support.

Product Features

  1. 3-layered mattress with Rubberised Coir on top for natural support
  2. Middle layer PEF ensure greater hygiene and better support
  3. Bonded Foam layer at the bottom supports body weight and ensures extra firmness
  4. PU Foam quliting on both sides giving you the extra comfort
  5. Available in 4 and 5 inch thickness
  6. 3 years warranty

Also available 5 inch Firmtec+ with PUF in place of Rubberised Coir

    1. Jacquard Cloth with PUF Quilting
    2. Rubberised Coir
    3. PEF
    4. Rebonded Foam
    5. Jacquard Cloth with PUF Quilting
*Fabric shown are indicative only
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