Specially designed, Cheer mattress is your personal back masseur. After a long, tired day this is the perfect ending to recharge yourself.

Product Features

  1. High Density Breathable PU Foam for great comfort
  2. Quilted Knitted Tapestry on both sides gives excellent support
  3. Available in 5 inch thickness
  4. 5 years warranty

Also available Cheer in 4 and 5 inch thickness with Rubberised Coir

    1. PUF Quilted Knitted Jacquard Tapestry
    2. High Density Breathable PUF
    3. PEF
    4. High Density Breathable PUF
    5. PUF Quilted Knitted Jacquard Tapestry
*Fabric shown are indicative only
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