Divine Exclusive PEF Mattress

This mattress is a great way to stay healthy while luxuriating in deep sleep. The premium fabric additionally gives a luxurious feel. Made of temperature sensitive material, this Memory Foam Quilted mattress adjusts to the sleeper's shape, thereby enhancing blood circulation. So, with the Divine+ mattress, you can be wholly comfortable in your natural sleeping position.

Inside ortho mattress
  1. Breathable Memory Foam Quilted Knitted Tapestry
  2. Super Softy PU Foam
  3. High Resilience (HR) PU Foam
  4. PEF
  5. High Density Breathable PU Foam
  6. Quilted Knitted Tapestry

Product Features

  1. Divine is also available without Memory Foam
  2. Available in 5 and 6 inches
  3. 5 years warranty
*Fabric shown are indicative only
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
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