Desire Exclusive PEF Mattress

This mattress is an object of desire for those with regular backache, as it ensures a posture perfect sleep. Its Memory Foam surface provides ample cushioning. Further, the Rebonded Foam layer, surrounding the dust-resistant PEF layer, holds the mattress firmly in place, doubling up as an ideal back support. The luxurious premium fabric gives a rich feel. You can bid back pains goodbye, as you welcome the Desire+ mattress into your home.

Inside ortho mattress
  1. Breathable Memory Foam Quilted Knitted Tapestry
  2. Super Softy PU Foam
  3. Rebonded Foam
  4. PEF
  5. Rebonded Foam
  6. Super Softy PU Foam
  7. Quilted Knitted Tapestry

Product Features

  1. Desire is also available without Memory Foam
  2. Available in 5 and 6 inches
  3. 5 years warranty
*Fabric shown are indicative only
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
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