A lot of us would have heard it from our parents "sleep on a hard mattress - it is good for your body!" On the other hand, some of us would fancy sleeping on bouncy hotel type comfort luxurious mattresses. So much so that even some of the brands have started using words like "hotel comfort mattress" in their marketing. Well, the hard truth is - Sleep on these mattresses and you will start regretting your buying decision within a week. Following are some of the points explaining the causes of discomfort:

Product Features

  1. Coir core mattress sandwiched with PEF for greater hygiene & better support
  2. PU foam quilting on both sides ensures extra comfort
  3. Available in 4" & 5"
  4. 3 years Warranty
  1. Quilted Tapestry
  2. Rubberized Coir
  3. PEF
  4. Rubberized Coir
  5. Quilted Tapestry
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