Spintec Ortho Mattress

Spinetec mattress, a result of an intense Research and Development, is made of foam that automatically adjusts to your body weight to create the most comfortable sleep experience. Scientifically designed and immaculately developed to give you the best rest and relief from back pain, this is not just a mattress, it is spine therapy.

Product Features

  1. 5" Coir mattress sandwiched with HD Bonded Foam for uniform firmness & support
  2. HD PU foam quilting gives extra cushioning
  3. Premium finish, breathable knitted tapestry
  4. Perfect support for your back
  5. 5 years replacement guarantee
Inside ortho mattress
  1. Quilted Knitted Tapestry
  2. Rubberized Coir
  3. Rebonded Foam
  4. Rubberized Coir
  5. Quilted Knitted Tapestry
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
  • Dust mite lock
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