Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing Feelex, India's first pro hygiene mattress with PEE Our mattresses are designed to ensure that you wake up full of life each and every time for years to come.


The Feelex range of mattresses have warranty from the date of purchase by the user against effect on base material and workmanship. Any defective item will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer at their discretion, free of charge within the period of warranty, subject to the following conditions :

  1. Warranty is valid only when the mattress is purchased from an Authorised Feelex Dealer.
  2. The Feelex mattress warranty benefit shall begin only after the purchase is registered with the Company.
  3. This warranty card needs to be duly filled, stamped and signed by the dealer. This card and the cash memo must be preserved and has to be produced along with the mattress in case of a complaint.
  4. The price label fixed on the mattress must not be tampered or damaged.
  5. Warranty registration can be done by sending a picture of your purchase bill and MRP sticker through WhatsApp to +919830190909, or by filling the warranty registration form available on www.feelex.in.
  • Click pic of your mattress bill (purchase document)
  • Click pic of MRP Sticker, placed on right side of mattress
  • Send the 2 pics through WhatsApp on 9830190909
  1. Please contact our Helpline Number +919830190909 from your registered number to lodge a complaint.


  1. Items from the Feelex range of mattresses have warranty from the date of purchase.
  2. Warranty does not include damages resulting from improper usage. Please refer to the Do's & Don'ts given below.
  3. Warranty is limited to sagging, crumbling and natural disintegration of only the mattress core and does not include damage of accessories and fabric such as tears, stains, colour fading, bleeding, soil or burns.
  4. Warranty does not cover depression of less than 25mm under normal conditions of domestic use.
  5. Warranty is not valid if the original configuration of the product is modified.
  6. Warranty does not cover preferences of comfort level.
  7. Any transportation cost during the process of redressal has to be borne by the customer.
  8. While the Company shall do its best to replace the defective mattress at the earliest, the actual time taken for replacement will depend on the availability of the product.
  9. If one of your pair of mattresses has sagged, only sagged mattress shall be replaced.
  10. The decision of the Company shall be final on the nature of defects and the applicability of the warranty.
  11. Any disputes regarding warranty will be restricted to courts within the Kolkata jurisdiction.
Variety Warranty Period of warranty
Divine+, Desire+, Divine, Desire, Delight, Firmtec+ & Cheer+ 5 Years First 12 months Free Replacement
Above 12 months to 24 months 35% rebate on MRP
Above 24 months to 36 months 25% rebate on MRP
Above 36 months to 48 months 20% rebate on MRP
Above 48 months to 60 months 15% rebate on MRP
Variety Warranty Period of warranty
Joy, Firmtec, Cheer & TLC 3 Year First 18 months Above 18 months to 36 months
Above 18 months to 36 months 30% rebate on MRP
Variety Warranty Period of warranty
Bliss 1 Year First 18 months Above 6 months to 1 year
Above 18 months to 36 months 40% rebate on MRP


  1. The rebate will be calculated on the MRP as applicable on the date of exchange of the product.
  2. The customer shall receive an applicable FWPV which shall be payable to undertake the exchange of the defective mattress.
  3. The customer has a choice of taking the same model or upgrading to a higher variety of Feelex by paying the difference over the FWPV.
  4. The FWPV cannot be en-cashed.
  5. The dealer shall redeem the FWPV against a new Feelex mattress only after receiving back the old mattress.


  1. Do turn your mattress once a month head to foot to ensure uniformity of use.
  2. Do not fold or roll the mattress. This will lead to weakening of the bonding of the core and eventually lead to sagging.
  3. Avoid sitting on the edges or keeping heavy objects on the mattress to ensure longer durability.
  4. Before use, please remove the polythene packaging as it is meant only for protection during transit.
  5. In case the mattress gets wet, allow it to dry thoroughly before using it again.
  6. Using a liquid resistant sheet when infants and young children are using the mattress is suggested.
  7. In case you need to clean your mattress please use a damp cloth. Do not use detergents.
  8. Do not lay the mattress on an uneven bed surface. Do not keep items below your mattress.
  9. Do not light a match or smoke near the mattress, the materials used to make your mattress can catch fire.
  10. Do ensure that the length and width of the bed matches with the mattress to ensure proper fit.
  11. Do not remove the label or the price tag that is fixed to the mattress. The information on it serves as a mean to establish your warranty.

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